Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome back to my blog!

I have decided to resume blogging! I think that it can be a fun and interesting way to keep in touch with the Am Shalom community and to share my thoughts with you in an informal way. I also think that it's one of those cool new communication tools that we need to embrace. So here you'll find my thoughts, random and not-so-random....I'll try to keep it interesting, sometimes deep and sometimes light. I'll share links to things like news stories and other stuff that I find relevant to us and maybe book reviews, movie reviews, and the like. Stay tuned since I have lots of ideas and at the same time no idea what I'm going to post! Feel free to email me with your responses (see for my email's generally not a great idea to post your email address on a blog) or make comments here in the blog. This might be a great opportunity to connect with you all!

Stay tuned....
Rabbi Phyllis

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