Saturday, July 22, 2006

Following the War

Friday night at services, I spoke about the need to keep track of what's going on in Israel, and to do whatever we can. While I get most of my Israel news directly from two Israeli websites: and, two English language versions of Israeli newspapers, I also find so much information and inspiration in the form of the blogosphere -- what you're reading right now! Here are a few great blogs that I think are so useful for getting the real pulse of what's going on in Israel...

An Unsealed Room
The View from Here
This Normal Life
Jerusalem Diaries

Most of them have links to other blogs. Find the ones that you think are interesting. There are so many out there. Some people are really regular about updating, and others are a bit slower. Either way, you can gain a great insight into the general feeling in Israel right now.

Also, I wanted to give you two other important links, organizations through which you can make donations to assist in whatever is needed in the state of Israel:

The Union for Reform Judaism's Israel Emergency Fund
The Jewish Agency for Israel

Now is the time not to lose our faith in the State of Israel.

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