Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BlueStar PR

BlueStar PR is a not-for-profit organization that creates some really great posters helping the Israeli PR cause. (Which, as we all know, has not really been one of Israel's strengths!)
See poster at right for an example. Interestingly, BlueStar lets people comment on the posters, and this particular one drew a lot of ire as being "subjective." My favorite comment was the one that using the term "valued" was a cultural choice -- that Arab cultures value their women just as much as other cultures, it just shows up differently. I think that I find this claim to be a little bit (?) unbelievable -- honor killings don't really count as "valuing" women, imho.
Anyway, check out their site and you can download any of their great posters to hang anywhere you'd like! I wish there was a way to download the whole set at once...

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