Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Cloud Descends...the Tabernacle Building Ends!

Time to keep the books.

Itamar, son of Aaron,

got himself the job.

Where did the gold go?

Mo gives a detailed account

of how much was used.

The garments for priests

were made next by the artists.

Pretty, yet useful!

Inscribed on the front

were the words "Holy to God"

Just as God had said.

So the work was done,

the Tabernacle complete.

They brought it to Mo.

Moses inspected

and saw they had done it all.

So he blessed their work.

God told Mo, "it's time

to set it all up and use!"

Mo did what God said.

When Mo was all done

the Presence of God filled it,

the cloud settled down.

When the cloud rose up

they continued to journey.

But if the cloud stayed

then they did not go.

The Presence of God was there

with them day and night.

Be strong, be strong, and let us strengthen each other!

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