Thursday, May 03, 2007

Earth Day Thoughts...a tiny bit late

My husband is always on me to recycle batteries. I know it's out there, he says, a way to recycle these chemically-laden bits of garbage. And he's right. Just today, we finally figured it out (without too much research, which probably would have been a quicker way to do it!) -- we saw an add for, which you should go to because their site is cute and a little bit funny. I entered my zipcode and found the address for Interstate All Battery Center in Libertyville, IL, near where I live. They will take all kinds of batteries and things. Hooray! Our little piece of tikkun olam is possible.

Other great places for earthy-type ideas:
Going Green 101 from Oprah
Coalition on Environment in Jewish Life
Jewish National Fund (plant trees in Israel)
The Green Book
The Green Guide from National Geographic

Happy Earth Day! (only a few weeks late. Hey, I have a new baby.)

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