Friday, April 27, 2007

Israeli Music is Great!

Today's New York Times had an interesting article about the music culture in Sderot.
Sderot is, of course, best known for weathering the most Qassam rockets in Israel, being right on the border with Gaza. The article talks about how more hit music groups have come out of this small town than almost anywhere in Israel. Notably, this year's entry from Israel in the annual Eurovision Song Contest comes from a Sderot group, Teapacks. The song was controversial because it has a political message. Some said that the Eurovision contest shouldn't have messages like understanding of a lot of Israeli pop/rock is that most of it has political messages! So it might be hard to choose something without!!

To see the Teapacks video of their Eurovision song, click below. There's a way to click (on the right) for the lyrics to the song too. You decide if it's a political statement....

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