Monday, December 29, 2008

Operation Cast Lead - Gaza Information

My colleague Rabbi Paul Kipnes has posted a great list of media sources for Israel.

These are all "mainstream" type media. Here are some of the on-the-ground blogger/non-mainstream media types who are also posting, including live-blogging. It's very interesting to hear and see what is going on from this perspective.

IsraellyCool - liveblogging
Muqata - also liveblogging
The Sderot Media Center
Jack is rounding up posts here and here. Check him regularly for updates.

And read this interesting post from Dan Illouz.

If you twitter, check out #gaza, and also consider following QassamCount, NewsIsrael and I'm sure there are others that I can't quite think of right now.

There's a lot out there beyond and what the newsmedia is saying. Don't forget that during the Lebanon War there was a lot of misinformation and media-handling by Hizbullah. Hamas is certainly no different in trying to beat Israel out in the court of world opinion. But I don't believe that is going to stop Israel from defending herself, nor should it.

We'll all stay tuned.

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