Monday, March 26, 2012

#BlogExodus To Learn and To Teach in New Ways

The Passover Seder is all about learning and teaching. It's a whole lesson plan, repeated yearly and adapted and adopted for generations. It's the ultimate inter-generational family learning program.

Which is what makes it so much fun to start anew each year, and to add something, anything, new into the Seder each time we do it.

"Why do we dip at the Seder?" asked my 6 year old today.
And I think about the dipping that he did at dinner tonight - french fries into ketchup, carrots into hummus, and I realized that dipping twice is actually a regular part of his life.

So what to do?

Thankfully, we don't dip into saltwater or charoset every day. So I'm safe there. But the very foundation of the question...oy.

"In every generation it should feel as though we went forth from Egypt."
And so we have to find ways, each year, to reinvigorate the teaching, to meet our families, our children, our guests, right where they are.

So what will be your innovation at this year's Seder table? How will you be creative and how will you enable the learning to add on, to grow for the next generation and the next? To me, this isn't just about finding ways to make the Seder interesting for kids (although that certainly is a focus for me!), but it's about helping all the Seder participants to find meaning and value in the ancient rituals.

Share your ideas in the comments, please!
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