Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enslaved #BlogExodus

There have been a lot of noise lately about "unplugging." (Yes, this unplugging business is just a modern way of saying Shabbat.) We are addicted to the digital world, to our constant connections, to information at our fingertips, to instant gratification of so many kinds.

But we are also enslaved to it.

Did you see my email?
Did you get my voicemail?
I texted you, why didn't you answer?

How many times do we feel that we couldn't possibly go anywhere without our phones, not because of our fear of missing out, but because we know that someone would be annoyed if our response was less than instantaneous?

Or maybe you don't feel enslaved to the communication device - maybe you are enslaved to something else. Maybe to your past...or to tradition...or to a love that isn't real...or to objects or things...or to ideas or beliefs that hold you a bad or good habit...

To enslave yourself is the worst form of slavery. (paraphrased from Henry David Thoreau)

As we prepare for Pesach and our celebration of freedom from slavery - think about it. In what way are you enslaved? How can you free yourself? What will it take? What do you have to do?

This post is part of #BlogExodus. What's your take on these topics?

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Anonymous said...

Oy. You're absolutely right... I'm definitely enslaved to my laptop. I am slowly becoming able to put it away and resist its pull, but it's an uphill climb. I do know that when I'm free of the computer I enjoy myself a lot more, and so do the kids.