Friday, December 14, 2007

What's your torah?

The conversation with Rick Warren, Laura Geller, and David Wolpe (moderated by Ron Wolfson) highlighted the importance of telling our stories. Rabbi Geller called this the "Torah of our lives." I once heard it called Torah with a small "t" -- tell me your torah. That is one of the parts of the Biennial that I really enjoy -- hearing all the stories of the presenters. The good presenters tell stories. The best presenters tell the best stories! This is a lesson that I take to heart. When I tell stories, people listen. When I stop telling the story, I think they tune out. (Okay, I know *I* tune out!)

What's your torah?

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Keli Ata said...

My understanding (not great, I wasn't born Jewish) is that the root word for Torah means teaching, something similar to moreh I think.

If this is so, I pray that my torah/teaching is or will become something worthy of being taught; that perhaps someone somewhere can learn from what I can teach them.

The past several months I have been struggle to understand the roles of divine providence and autonomy in my life. So I've been paying close attention to virtually all encounters I have with people. Looking for deeper meanings of simple ordinary events is certainly causing me to recognize the torahs of those around me.

Hope this post made some sense.