Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hate Change? #BlogElul

Most of us don't like it.
No matter what form it takes.
Friday was the first day of the Autumnal Equinox.
The seasons are changing.

That makes some people unhappy - sad to leave behind swimsuits and flipflops, sunscreen and bugspray.
It makes other people happy - looking forward to sweaters and boots, snow flurries and sledding.

But either way, everyone has something to complain about.

This week, change came to Facebook. It seems to me that everyone is complaining about it.

No matter how you feel about the Facebook situation, change is hard.
That's one of the reasons that Elul and the looming holidays can seem so daunting.
They are a serious reminder that we all need to change.
Just a little or a lot, there's always room for new habits, new ideas, new personal behaviors.
There's always something to improve and work on.

Are you resistant to change? Are you afraid of it?
Look beneath the resistance and the fear...what is holding you back? What are you waiting for?
How can you make a change this year?

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Anita -Jewish Gems said...

Yes, actually I do hate change. It's overrated. Maybe if I embraced it, change would stop coming to visit. I wrote a song once, that if change is growth, I've grown about as much as I'd like to. What's wrong with predictability? I promise, if I get bored, I'll let everyone know. So, here's wishing us each year that's not so unsettled, so uncertain, so anxious, so, um....changing. Happy New Year, Phyllis...sweet, healthy and happy.