Thursday, March 21, 2013

#BlogExodus 10: Leaving

The Exodus is all about leaving slavery behind. 
It's all about moving forward and stepping out into the great unknown.

It's a scary idea, really.
Who likes leaving?

And yet we celebrate it. We lift it up.
We praise it and sing songs about it.
Going forth from Egypt is just a fancy way of saying that we're leaving town.

One of my favorite readings in Mishkan Tefillah is this one from Rabbi Norman Hirsch:

Once or Twice in a lifetime,
A man or woman may choose
A radical leaving, having heard
Lech Lecha...Go forth.
God disturbs us toward our destiny
By hard events and by freedom's now urgent voice
Which explode and confirm who we are.
We don't like leaving.
But God loves becoming.

It reminds me that as much as I would rather stay put, sometimes moving forward is the only way to go.
We don't like leaving.
But God loves becoming...

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