Monday, March 18, 2013

#blogExodus 7: Blessing

This past weekend, my congregation honored me for my 10th anniversary as their associate rabbi. It was pretty remarkable to be celebrated for the work I've done for this past decade. Let's be honest here, it's a rare thing when people tell you how wonderful they think you are when you're not retiring, dying, or leaving. It's also pretty amazing that there was such an outpouring of love for me, the associate rabbi. I really and truly was overwhelmed.

It does seem quite fitting that today's topic is "blessing."

I use this word a lot. I know that my life is full of blessings. I answer the question "how's everything?" with "thank God, my life's a blessing." 

In June of 2008, I wrote a "Six Word Memoir."

Since then, they've become mighty popular around my shul.

My memoir? Blessings abound. It's not over yet.

I like it. It's a good personal motto.

One of the most incredible things that happened this weekend was this gift:

It's a tallit, made from my children's clothing. With my six-word memoir as the atarah.
A gift from my senior rabbi, presented to me on the bima on Friday night.

To say that I was speechless is perhaps an understatement.

It's one thing to talk about blessings. It's another one to receive them from others.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have shared ten years of blessing with this congregation, and I look forward to many many more.
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