Monday, March 25, 2013

#BlogExodus 14: Being

As Passover starts tonight, I want to take this opportunity to remind us all that in the is a holiday of celebration and joy.

No matter how much cleaning we do.
No matter how many batches of gefilte fish or matzah balls we make.
No matter how many times the wine is spilled.
No matter how many times we shush our chatty uncles.
No matter how many times we ask "when do we eat?"
No matter how many meals we plan or snacks we create or outings we plan.

No matter what we do to that the holiday is upon us....

it's time to just BE.

Be in the moment of the Seder. As you sit at your seder table, just take a deep breath and look around. Revel in the now, in the doing, in the being. THIS moment will never happen again, quite like this, in quite this way.

On Seder night we stand on the precipice of great change, of great transformation. 
The moon is full, our way is lit, we are ready for a monumental journey.

Don't forget to enjoy it. Don't forget to

If you've played along with #BlogExodus these 2 weeks, I hope you've been uplifted and inspired. Wishing you and yours a zissen Pesach, a sweet and healthy Passover holiday!