Sunday, March 24, 2013

#BlogExodus 13: Changing

The egg is placed on the Seder plate. But it doesn't have its own liturgy, or its own tradition. It doesn't have a song about it or a story that we tell.

But it has such a remarkable place in our saga of resilience and transformation.

When placed in boiling water, the egg becomes firm. When faced with adversity, we must strengthen ourselves. When placed in boiling water, the egg becomes portable, usable, and different. When faced with adversity, the Jews have been strong, we have transported and transformed ourselves. We have adapted and changed.

My family makes these Sephardic eggs for Passover, known as huevos haminados.

I think they are beautiful.

This year, for the first time, this happened:

I found the internal change to the eggs to be amazing. Beautiful.
It reminded me of this powerful lesson that the egg represents.
We have the power within ourselves to face boiling water and come out even more beautiful. Transformation and change can be painful, no question.

Sometimes it isn't our choice. Sometimes we fight and kick and scream against the water.
But either way, we are changed. We are transformed. And it leaves a mark.

How beautiful that mark is....that is up to us.

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