Saturday, March 23, 2013

#BlogExodus 12: Redeeming

I was redeemed from Egypt.

It's hard to imagine that, isn't it? I know that we say it every year, I know that general Jewish practice teaches us to believe that we all crossed the Red Sea, we all stood at Sinai.

Some days I have no trouble envisioning it.
But other days? My imagination is a bit overtaxed and I'm not quite there.

So I let my mind wander to other forms of redemption.
I went to the library this week and picked up books for my kids along the lines of redemption stories. 

The Underground Railroad
Rosa Parks
The Civil Rights movement

These are also ancient history to my children. To them, anything that happened before they were born is ancient! But if I'm having a little trouble seeing myself in the Exodus, maybe they are too. So I need to find other stories to tell them, other journeys to recount. I need to broaden their I can broaden my own. If I spend my time coming up with new redemption's not just for their benefit. It's for my own too.

Redemption. It's not just from Egypt.
But sometimes we need a reminder that redemption takes other forms as well.

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